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A lot of the sentiments she made in her first written Instagram tribute to him after his death reappear in her lyrics. In the Instagram, she wrote:.

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Miller had a tattoo with "Imagine" written on it, which fans pointed out when the song came out. When Grande announced their breakup, she shared a photo of her head cuddled in Miller's chest:. See a full lyric analysis of "Imagine" here. Grande could be referring to Miller here, who passed away. She talked in her song "In My Head" about how she thought he was the one, and even in her breakup announcement Instagram Story, Grande wrote about how she thought Miller would remain in her life. According to Genius , "Ghostin" samples Mac Miller's track " Grande wrote about how much Miller meant to her in her first written Instagram tribute to him after his death.

You were my dearest friend.

Ariana Grande: Mac Miller 'didn't deserve his demons' - BBC News

For so long. Above anything else. I really wanted to.

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The kindest, sweetest soul with demons he never deserved. Read a full lyric analysis of "Ghostin" here. Grande consistently called Miller an angel in her music and on her social media. On Instagram, she talked about the disparity between the angelic man she saw and the demons he fought with his drug addiction. Grande may be touching again on a point she's previously made on social media: She couldn't imagine losing Miller when he was so young.

In her May Twitter post after their breakup, Grande wrote about how hard she tried to support Miller. Their relationship ended because she ultimately needed to care for herself too. Grande may be referring here to her desire to see Miller fully stick to sobriety and how his musical talent "everything you are" led to fame and the spotlight, which came at the expense of his health.

In her Instagram tribute after his death, Grande wrote about how hard she tried to help him heal. So many times," she said. See a full lyric analysis of "In My Head" here.

The Way (feat. Mac Miller)

See a full lyric analysis of "Thank U, Next" here. Their romance was rapid-fire. They were all over each other's social media. They got engaged shortly after they got together. Grande was taking her time planning a wedding for them. Then at the end of October, Grande called it off. Grande first teased "Needy" back in November , suggesting she wrote it when she and Davidson were still together. T hey ended their engagement at the end of October; Davidson first spoke about their breakup on the November 4 episode of SNL.

A source told People their split happened because it moved so fast while Grande and Davidson were already both going through their own issues. Grande was still recovering from the Manchester Arena bombing that happened during her concert in ; she talked about having PTSD after the experience.

Ariana Grande - Breathin' (Mac Miller Tribute)

She ended her two-year relationship with Miller right before dating Davidson and was deeply affected when Miller died of an apparent drug overdose in August. Davidson, meanwhile, ended his own long-term relationship with Cazzie David shortly before dating and getting engaged to Grande. He struggled with being thrust into the spotlight and the bullying he was subjected to while in a relationship with Grande.

Additionally, when Grande and Davidson's ended engagement was first reported, a source told People that it was less a breakup and more about them taking space. Grande and Miller dated from to spring , before Miller's death from an accidental overdose last September.

Fans in attendance took to Twitter to chronicle Grande's latest concert, with one tweeting that a Mac Miller playlist was on in the arena before she took the stage and that the "God Is a Woman" singer had a seat reserved for her late ex.

Ariana Grande Reportedly Wants Jail Time For Mac Miller’s Drug Dealer

During the show, Grande got emotional during at least two of her songs. When she began singing "Raindrops An Angel Cried ," a song widely believed to be about her split with Miller, she got audibly choked up and, according to a Twitter user, was unable to finish singing the track. The audience rallied behind the pop star, belting out the song in her place as she composed herself on stage with the help of her dancers. Pittsburgh loves you so so much.