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Also make sure to check out the 15 most annoying things and 18 coolest new features in iOS 7 that every iPhone user should know about. Thanks for all the teaching!! I would be lost without this site! I do hate the new Calendar and wondered if you had any ideas on it? How do i clear my search history?? The history button on my safari is gray and i cant click it.


Im on a ipad mini iOS 7. Probably means you have no history to clear. You can also try clearing it directly in Safari by tapping on the "Bookmarks" icon in the bottom menu, then tap on "History" and "Clear" on the bottom right. Also here's my problem in my settings for privacy how come I can't change my find my iphone setting to off? I suspect some ones gotten into my phone maybe through my desk top pc?

I just changed the password for my phone and hope that helps this problem but I think a trip to the apple store and a reset starting new again with my desk top is next. Any thoughts? I've never seen a different shade of green, but if the option to enter your Apple ID password doesn't come up when you click on the Find My iPhone button in your iCloud Settings, then you probably have an issue.

Nobody probably hacked into your account; seems to be a common bug. From what I can tell, you can backup and then try entering into recovery mode and restoring the device not from the backup, but you can do that later if you want. It's a lengthy process, but something to try if you don't want to visit the "Geniuses" at Apple.

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Also important to know that once someone knows your passcode, f. I've just changed from a 4s to a 5c and loving it, but have a tiny niggle. At work when we want to use the Wifi on our phones, we have to go to Safari to log-in each time, on my 4s, it remembered the user name and password and all I had to do was press "submit". However, on the 5c, I'm having to input the information each time manually. Any ideas?


Very informative, and thank you. However I am having a privacy issue. I have disabled location services on many items including my camera.

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When I stream photos to my friends, it is telling them where I am. Whats up with that? I have a problem where an URL of a rather, -cough-, "explicit" website stays in my history, even though I eradicated both website data, history and cookies. Basically, when I hit the letter X on my keyboard, it shows the URL smack dab in the middle of the screen.

Do ios updates cause your safari history to become deleted when you click submit for the updates to occur?

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Or, do you always have to manually go in and erase all of your history on safari? Fortunately, there are a handful of quick settings changes you can make to protect your privacy. The New Permissions in iOS 7 1: Disable Apps from Accessing Your Mic After installing iOS 7, a bunch of your apps will start asking for your permission to access the microphone.

If you think the world is out to spy on you, you can revoke access. Please enable JavaScript to watch this video. This was very informative. You can use Firewall to control connections on a per-application basis. Allow apps downloaded from these locations: Allows supported applications to be installed on your devices from different locations. Your location options: For more details in Apple documentation, see Gatekeeper on macOS.

By default, devices check for compliance every eight hours. But users can force this process through the Intune Company Portal app. You have applied the policy to users.

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The devices used by the users who are targeted by the policy are evaluated for compliance. Apprenez-en davantage sur notre blog. Quitter le mode focus. Lire en anglais. Dans cet article. The device is blocked if a conditional access policy applies to the user. The company portal notifies the user about any compliance problems. Entrez un Nom et une Description. Enter a Name and Description. For Platform , select macOS. When you're done, select OK , and Create. Require a system integrity protection: Minimum OS version: When a device doesn't meet the minimum OS version requirement, it's reported as noncompliant.

A link with information on how to upgrade appears. The end user can choose to upgrade their device, and then get access to company resources. Yes there is asio4all, it is not for a Marshall per se, and it doesn't work real well, it only records at 48khz, most daws will go to 96k, if not all the way to K? What gives Marshall? Plase put out an Asio driver for this otherwise great product.

It can't be that hard if you can write the"code" for this amp. You are relly missing the boat here guys. Hello, I have acquired the CODE 25, really an excellent amplifier, very versatile and very good presets. My problem and please I hope you help me to resorve it, is that even though I can connect via Bluetooth, I can listen to my tracks I do not understand what the problem is. I request guidance to be able to make full use of such a beautiful tool for my music.

I use Widows 10 and G. For your attention, thank you very much.

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  • I've got a not very big problem with recordnig music via USB. I use only clean sound, typical settings for my guitar equipped with 2x Wilkinson WVC humbuckers are:. Is it possible to control and make changes to the existing preloaded patches of the Code App via the USB port connected to a Windows 10 Laptop?

    I connected my Code 50 to my laptop via bluetooth, but the my. Also - I can connect via the Gateway app on my phone, but the presets I add to My Library do not show up even though it says that they have synced. All selected merge tags will be merged into when you save your changes. This is an irreversible process. Questions Tags. Recent Rated Views. Please let me know asap thanks.

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    As far as firmware update is concerned But there are some other problems I'd like you to find good solution for. Master volume. Best regards, Jacek. What is a frequency range of CODE 25 speaker?